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>> About Oradea:

Oradea was founded by Szent László in 1093 and it always held an important role in history throughout the years. The most important sight of the city is the castle, still standing, though neglected. It was built and augmented by the great Reformat Monarchs, Bethlen Gábor and I. Rákóczy György. Bocskai also started his way from here when fighting for the Reformation of the Catholic Religion.

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A nagyváradi vár

During the Monarchy, after Budapest, Oradea was one of the most important towns, from both cultural and commercial points of view. For its location, it functioned as the gate of Transylvania - now it is the gate of Romania. Highway constructions started out right here, which means that Oradea is the first Romanian city on the commercial route in the direction of Cluj Napoca-Sighisoara-Brasov-Bucuresti.

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Polgármesteri hivatal épülete

The city has kept its vital, metropolitan character over the years, today it has a population of about 250.000, fact which puts it in the first place right after Budapest among Hungarian cities. Romanian and Hungarian nationalities living here together face much less problems and difficulties than in any other Transylvanian city (Cluj-Napoca, Arad); people of different nationalities have lived beside one another peacefully for centuries.

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Nagyvárad éjjel

Today, Oradea is characterized by its double facade: on the one hand the old historical town with its spectacular buildings -- built back in the times of the Monarchy,-- and on the other hand the new residential districts surrounding the well-aged structures. The predominance of the flats of the residential districts and their low real estate demands, ensure a constant clientele-reinforcement on the real-estate market. Not only that the tenement houses in the city centre offer an ampler and much more human-oriented environment compared to those flats from the residential districts, but they also represent an enduring value. Our aim is to mediate such central apartments and houses to our customers, who, with their investments, can not only realize significant profits in a short period of time, but they may also contribute to the preservation of their properties by embracing even smarter investments for added value.


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Sétáló utca

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Szent László tér

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Please take a moment to look at a propriety document of such an old building HERE.

The propriety document covers the whole 20th century history of Oradea.

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